If cloud security is your top concern, then choosing a FedRAMP-authorized cloud service provider is the answer.

With 30+ years of IT security and compliance expertise under his belt, our Chief Security Officer Michael Ngo has been hard at work ensuring the security and compliance of ORock’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud offerings. Prior to joining ORock, Michael was the Chief Operating Officer for the Joint Force Headquarters Department of Defense Information Networks (JFHQ-DODIN) at Fort Meade, Maryland. Over his career, Michael has directed worldwide network operations and cyber defense for large scale organizations of over 7 million systems, on 15,000 separate networks, across various security domains.

We sat down with Michael to discuss FedRAMP authorization and the importance of FedRAMP not only for agencies across the U.S. federal government, but also for companies across the private sector. Below is Michael’s perspective on some of the lessons commercial businesses can learn from working with a FedRAMP authorized cloud service provider. You can also download our solution overview to learn more about why FedRAMP matters to the private sector.

First, what is FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, also known as FedRAMP, is a government-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies and federal agencies. FedRAMP empowers government agencies to use modern cloud technologies with an emphasis on security and protection of federal information and helps accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions.

A FedRAMP authorization requires an extensive application process involving thorough documentation of the cloud service provider’s security processes, assessments of related systems, creation of a system security plan, and training and certification of the provider’s employees who have access to the FedRAMP environment.

Can FedRAMP security practices be leveraged by the private sector?

Yes, FedRAMP-authorized cloud solutions aren’t just for government agencies. Commercial businesses can take advantage of cloud solutions that the U.S. federal government has certified. This assures commercial business of a standard security baseline that is based on guidelines put forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Knowing that security controls are met, assessed by an independent third-party assessing organization (3PAO), and reviewed by government officials gives any enterprise a greater level of confidence that the cloud service offering meets an approved NIST standard to reduce cyber risk.

Why should a private business choose a FedRAMP-authorized cloud?

Choosing to partner with a FedRAMP authorized cloud service provider is the best way to protect your intellectual property, personally identifiable information and protected health information from third-party risk. Commercial businesses should be proactive in exploring how FedRAMP can help mitigate risk on their journey to and in the cloud, along with the security of their data while hosted in a FedRAMP-authorized cloud.

What are some of the benefits the private sector can gain by working with a FedRAMP-authorized cloud service provider?

By partnering with a FedRAMP authorized cloud service provider, a commercial business can:

  • Leverage an effective, repeatable approach to cloud security and risk assessment. Only the most secure information technologies have achieved a “FedRAMP Ready” status for IaaS and PaaS. If government agencies can utilize ORockCloud to process their workloads in the cloud while protecting them with 325 verified security controls, then any commercial organization can do the same and achieve peak performance with predictable pricing and a strong security posture.
  • Save time and money, while accelerating speed to market and reducing risk. Because achieving FedRAMP takes a long time and a lot of money, working with a cloud service provider that has already achieved FedRAMP authorization is a smart decision. A commercial business lowers costs because they inherit what a cloud service provider has done and maintains. The provider’s commitment to security demonstrates a high level of cyber maturity, as well as an investment to protecting critical information and processes.
  • Leverage government-grade standards and processes to comply with regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH and PCI DSS.

What FedRAMP authorized environment is available for my enterprise?

ORock is the market’s first and only open-source cloud service provider that is FedRAMP compliant and built on OpenStack. Our cloud environment includes ORockCloud, a multi-tenant, enterprise-grade open source cloud environment that is authorized at FedRAMP moderate for IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud. Featuring 325 security controls, ORockCloud is available for use by commercial organizations to ensure both security and compliance.

Right now, our U.S.-based NOC and SOC will seamlessly migrate your mission-critical workloads to the ORockCloud with no disruption to your users and provide long-term management of your cloud environment. Download our latest FedRAMP for the Private Sector Industry Overview to learn more and contact us today to get started.

Michael Ngo

Michael Ngo

Chief Security Officer, ORock Technologies


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