Cloud Compute

Secure Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure

Your Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Strategy Demands Alternatives

Large cloud service providers (CSPs) dominate today’s cloud computing landscape with proprietary, complex solutions that usually cost more than anticipated. These one-size-fits-all public clouds were developed for scale at the expense of flexibility, service, and cost predictability. They often fail to address the unique needs of organizations in defense, civilian government, and highly regulated commercial industries (including health care, financial services, and energy).

Host Sensitive Data and Applications in the Cloud

At ORock Technologies, we designed and built our own cloud architecture from the ground up to meet the most stringent requirements for security, performance, cost predictability, and control. We integrated data security and regulatory compliance into every aspect of our solutions, from our private fiber optic backbone network and physical data centers to enterprise-grade open source applications that are hardened and supported by Red Hat. ORock hosting solutions support a range of business requirements and use cases.

Our highly-scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities and fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud offerings support the hosting, storage, and processing of applications, backups, containers, databases, websites, and more.

Choose a Multi-Tenant Hosting Solution


Secure multi-tenant cloud hosting for commercial organizations and U.S. government agencies (FedRAMP Moderate authorization)

ORock HighCloud

A Government-Only Community Cloud for agencies that host the most sensitive Federal Unclassified Data (“FedRAMP Ready” at High Impact Level)

FAAS Hosting

SaaS application hosting and management for Independent Software Vendors requiring FedRAMP authorization to sell to U.S. government agencies

Take Control of Your Cloud Environment

No matter which hosting option you choose, ORock manages the infrastructure layer so your IT team can focus on innovation. ORock’s U.S.-based team of engineers, cloud architects, and security analysts will help you select, configure, and set up the right cloud environments to meet your needs. We’ll even assist with cloud migration and support your compliance reporting requirements. You won’t find this level of white-glove service from the hyperscale CSPs, and it’s included at no additional charge.

ORockCloud Hosting

325 Security Controls

ORock HighCloud

421 Security Controls (Gov Only)

ORockCloud FAAS Hosting

325 or 421 Security Controls

Why Host with ORock?


Comply with strict regulatory standards, including FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and HIPAA/HITECH

No Charge for Data Egress

Lower costs and improve predictability with flat-rate billing and no egress fees

No Vendor Lock-In

Avoid the risks of proprietary technologies and inflated exit costs

Flexibility and Control

Rely on open source tools and platforms with full customization to meet your requirements


Protect your data with 325+ or 421+ FedRAMP compliant security controls

Best-in-Class Technology

Purpose-built platform leverages the latest generation HPE hardware and open source software

24/7/365 Service

Get U.S.-based support for configuration, setup, onboarding, and compliance reporting

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Container orchestration platform, Dedicated infrastructure (private cloud), and High-performance, low-cost cloud storage solutions

Expand Your Cloud Compute Options

Download the Cloud Compute Solution Overview, view our price list, or contact ORock today to learn about hosting in ORockCloud or ORock HighCloud.