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Secure Your Sensitive Data and Applications

Cloud computing technologies and “as a service” business models are revolutionizing the data center, changing the way information technology products and services are bought, sold, and managed. IT infrastructure service providers (ISPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) offer a range of commercial solutions that address the needs of most small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) and even some large corporations.

But for organizations in government, media, and highly-regulated industries (like financial services, healthcare, and critical infrastructure) — and the technology companies that support them — most commercial cloud services cannot adequately meet their unique requirements to secure data, satisfy compliance mandates, and manage risk.

Public and private sector enterprises with responsibility for protecting personally-identifiable information (PII), financial data, electronic health records (EHRs), government documents, and national security communications often require more specialized cloud and IaaS solutions to meet their mission-critical security requirements.

ORock Technologies created a range of solutions to address these specific challenges, with a focus on the security, performance, predictability, and control of data in transit and in the cloud.

The ORock Technologies Difference

ORock’s cloud and IaaS solutions were developed from the ground up to support organizations that store, transmit, and process the most sensitive data and computing workloads. Unlike standard commercial offerings that rely upon shared public infrastructure, the ORock architecture leverages a private, carrier-grade fiber optic network and SOC-II Type-2 data centers with no upstream CSP for the highest levels of data security, autonomy, and performance. And ORock cloud solutions feature a “pure-play” Red Hat open source environment to maximize interoperability, modularity, and security.

The result is a suite of products and services offering superior security, performance, flexibility, compliance, and control. To learn more, select a solution category below or contact us.

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