We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Moser Consulting, an end-to-end managed service provider for IT as a Service (ITaaS). If you are seeking open-source expertise with the industry’s most secure open-source cloud, then Moser with ORock is a great joint solution for you. I’d like to share key reasons for you to consider Moser and ORock for your ITaaS-cloud journey.

Offload your DevOps and cloud to the experts

We understand that IT teams have many priorities to juggle. Whether it’s increasing an emphasis on cybersecurity or focusing on your customer, IT leaders have a heavy burden to carry and it’s not getting lighter headed into 2022. Moser’s managed services can devote critical resources to your IT infrastructure, allowing you to balance your operations and focus on your business objectives. Rather than manage increasingly complex internal IT operations yourself, you can offload your DevOps priorities inside ORock’s highly secure, price predictable cloud to the Moser experts.

Choose best-in-class security and compliance

A huge proportion of organizations are revamping their cybersecurity framework and refocusing on zero trust and hardened security solutions to defend their entire IT stack against complex side-channel attacks and other threats to come in 2022.

ORock Strata with Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel® Processors is a best-in-class hardened security solution from industry leaders Lockheed Martin, Intel and ORock that incorporates a Zero Trust security approach. Moser can help you move to ORock’s cloud platform, which is built on HPE Gen10 hardware and Silicon Root of Trust. With ORock Strata, you get built-in security from the hardware to firmware, BIOS and boot-driver layers of the stack. You can only win the cyber war if you rely on the industry’s most secure cloud that has comprehensive security built-in across the entire solution.

ORock implements more than 325 comprehensive government and industry security controls. We know that compliance-focused organizations require solutions that build upon these leading security controls and enable security features that defend against cyberthreats.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Companies are looking to reduce or eliminate vendor lock-in, so you should absolutely choose a cloud solution based on an open-source architecture framework. Open source is an engine for innovation, offering reliability, scalability and security for IT leaders intent on future-proofing their infrastructure. Moser and ORock will help you future-proof your hybrid environment for next-generation AI workloads and other cutting-edge technologies.

Accelerate with artificial intelligence

Going into 2022, many organizations are looking at next-generation AI cloud technology to enable innovation and faster time to market with their products and services. ORock has partnered with AI leader SambaNova Systems to open up a new world of AI cloud applications for organizations to deliver AI innovations in a secure cloud. Read more about the ORock-SambaNova Systems partnership here. Moser can work with you to easily adopt the most powerful AI cloud solution in the market.

This ITaaS-cloud partnership is a cutting-edge combination that will deliver real value to our joint customers.

Is your public cloud bill too high and unpredictable?

Is there a surprise waiting for you with each month’s public cloud bill? More and more customers are finding that the simplicity of moving applications to the cloud is often offset by the shock of significant hidden data egress fees and many other charges whenever they leverage the data. Get a free, easy-to-understand cloud assessment from us to identify savings and boost performance. Work with your Moser contact to schedule an assessment today.

Bill Pearon

Bill Pearon

VP of Channels and SIs, ORock Technologies


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