ORock Technologies: Who We Are


In 2013, the co-founders of ORock took a long hard look at the state of the art in cloud development. What they ultimately determined was that for the Federal sector (civilian agencies, DoD and intelligence community) as well as key commercial sectors (financial services, healthcare, insurance, and media and entertainment), there was a measurable gap between what was available from cloud service providers and what customers in these sectors desire in terms of security, autonomy, performance and overall data protection.



With that unmet need in mind, ORock Technologies was founded with the sole mission of creating the most advanced, highest security cloud solutions possible. Years of development followed with attempts to create truly secure architectures utilizing existing cloud service providers’ infrastructures. What was ultimately determined is that utilization of an existing cloud service providers’ infrastructure would not permit the autonomy, level of security, and policy-driven access controls, among other things, that was sought by ORock and needed in the industry.

Based on this determination, ORock’s founders made the decision that achievement of the cloud service offering they envisioned would only be possible by designing, building and managing its own infrastructure at every open system interconnection (OSI) layer 1 through 7. To do so, ORock’s cloud had to be built from scratch to satisfy the most demanding Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and commercial industry regulations and requirements. Three years later, ORock has developed the most advanced and secure cloud infrastructure available from any cloud service provider. The entire infrastructure from the servers and storage in the datacenters to the switches and routers, to the circuits and backbone fiber is privately owned, encrypted and managed by ORock.


What this means for our customers is that you can now do something previously not possible; maintain a private, encrypted and completely autonomous extension of your own local network within a highly secured cloud environment. It is now possible for customers to have the flexibility within the cloud to do things like maintain your own IP space and ASN, federate security policies across both local and cloud resources, and securely deliver data, software applications and platforms to users at impact and trust levels previously only available locally on dedicated devices. ORock’s design offers all of the benefits of the cloud; rapid provisioning, elastic expansion and contraction of resources, ubiquitous access and improved disaster recovery, all while maximizing security, control and flexibility.

If your enterprise requires cloud services, but places the security of your data as the most critical objective, you can achieve both. Let ORock Technologies show you how we can help.