ORock University

Your Pathway to ORockCloud Expertise

Be Part of the Opensource Revolution

ORock Technologies developed ORock University (ORockU) to educate you on the leading opensource solution for hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments.


To be the leading provider of secure, open-source cloud and artificial intelligence solutions



We simplify the cloud and AI experience

ORockU Advances Your Career

ORockU provides a progressive curriculum and certification badging for all our solutions. Starting with the basics, you learn the foundations of ORock’s solutions. As you work your way through the learning pathways, you increase your personal knowledge and professional marketability.


Start on your Learning Path

Choose from our Business, Technology, and Sales learning paths that are comprised of short video lessons and quizzes to test your knowledge. 




Start on Your Learning Path

The faster you complete the Learning Modules (and receive your Badges), the faster you earn greater benefits when selling ORock solutions.




Brag about Your Achievements

Thanks to Credly, it’s now easier that ever to share your ORockU Badges with the world. For each new ORock module you achieve, you’ll receive a new badge showcasing your skills with the world.

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Where Are My Badges?

Once you achieve a badge, you will receive an email for each directly from Credly.

If you have not received your badge, please contact us at University@orocktech.com. We’re happy to help.