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Compliant, Customized Cloud Solutions for Education

Why a Managed Cloud Infrastructure Matters to K-12

Remote online learning have been eye-opening. District IT administrators moved at lighting speed to ensure schools had scalable, compliant cloud environments for K-12 and higher education institutions.

With hybrid learning models rapidly becoming the new normal, IT leaders and business managers are purchasing more cloud-based IaaS solutions because of the significant advantages it offers to administrators, faculty and students. On-demand services give schools a cost-efficient model that optimizes investment and performance while supporting the evolving demand for distance education technology.

Meet Your School District’s Current and Future Storage Needs

As schools plan and support their hybrid learning environments, seeking help from an experienced and FedRAMP-compliant cloud service provider like ORock Technologies can help alleviate the strain on a district’s IT team as they focus on priorities, such as:

  • Distributing a mix of laptops and devices that will drive better outcomes for all students while reducing the complexities of managing devices for the IT staff.
  • Ensuring all students have bandwidth and fast Internet connectivity to support livestreaming.
  • Deploying district-owned hotspots to increase broadband access outside of schools while maintaining costs.
  • Choosing cost-effective cloud computing and storage solutions that prioritize security and protect the privacy of student data.
  • Integrating disparate systems to streamline communications, collaboration and system operations for faculty and staff, as well as the students and families.

A Cloud Foundation for Easier IT Administration and Better Student Outcomes

ORock Technologies is a high-performance hybrid cloud service provider built on OpenStack and certified by FedRAMP and the U.S. Department of Defense. ORock has delivered its FedRAMP-compliant cloud solutions, reinforced with military-grade security controls, to the K-12 and higher education space to make it easier and more secure for educational institutions to protect their data and consume the cloud in a cost-efficient manner.

ORock Technologies provides secure IT infrastructure and cloud solutions that are built specifically for secure data operations in the K-12 and higher education space. Its superior education data management and storage solutions ensure data integrity and provide multiple layers of security, protecting sensitive data. With the cloud, teachers have more flexibility to try new software in a remote teaching environment, making ORock a great choice for K-12 IT leaders.

To learn more about how ORock’s differentiated cloud, storage and container infrastructure can cost-effectively meet your district’s current and future needs and lead to better student outcomes, download the Education K-12 solution overview.

ORock’s Infrastructure as a Service is a cost-efficient and secure solution for districts managing hybrid learning.

Solutions for Education Customers

Cloud Compute

ORockCloud enables you to securely host applications and workloads in a vendor-agnostic, enterprise-grade open source environment while transitioning your IT costs from CapEx to OpEx. ORock manages the infrastructure layer so your IT team can focus on innovation, providing myriad options for compute, storage, networking, and Internet connectivity. ORock offers flexible, on-demand cloud resources (available in hourly increments) or lower-cost reserved hosting options. Unlike hyperscale CSPs, ORock provides a flat-rate, predictable billing model (with no additional charge for data ingress or egress) and works closely with each customer to determine the right options for your requirements.

Cloud Storage

ORock’s storage solutions provide organizations with simple, secure and predictable options delivered on an OpEx basis, with outstanding price and performance on both Object and Block storage. ORock meets your needs with secure, scalable solutions for small (gigabytes) to large (petabyte or exabyte) data sizes. ORock offers ORock’s Premium Block storage for workloads that demand performance and high-speed IOPS along with ORock’s Hot Object Storage for cost-saving uses, such as backup and recovery, data warehousing and active archiving.


Containers represent the future of software development and application modernization. They solve the problem of getting software to run reliably and efficiently from one computing environment to another by bundling together an application’s entire Runtime environment into one package that is easily moved and managed (while consuming fewer system resources to save costs).

Infrastructure Services for the Education Industry

Download the Education Solution Overview or contact ORock today to learn about our Education Solutions.