with HPE Ezmeral Runtime


A Comprehensive, Secure, Enterprise-Grade Container Platform

HPE and ORock Technologies have collaborated to deliver HPE Ezmeral Runtime as a fully-managed service in the ORockCloud. This platform as a service (PaaS) offering provides high performance and a flexible architecture to rapidly deploy the latest analytics applications. Enterprises can extend the agility and efficiency benefits of containers to more of their applications—running in a true multi-cloud environment.

Solution Overview

The HPE Ezmeral Runtime in ORockCloud is a turn-key PaaS offering supporting application modernization, Data Science as a Service use cases, and more. Incorporating hardware and software from HPE and cloud services from OROCK, it provides an end-to-end data science consumption model resulting in faster digital transformation for your organization.

This enterprise-grade container platform supports both cloud-native and non-cloud-native monolithic applications with persistent data. It includes innovations from HPE’s recent acquisitions of BlueData and MapR, together with open-source Kubernetes for orchestration.

Capitalize on the power and flexibility of containers with an integrated solution that incorporates:

  • HPE Ezmeral Runtime– An enterprise-grade open source container platform built on Kubernetes Orchestration Engine and Docker containers
  • ORockCloud – A secure, high-performance, FedRAMP-compliant environment built on HPE Gen10 Hardware, featuring the most secure servers in the industry and up to 421 security controls
  • Platform Management Services – Simplified setup, deployment, management, and maintenance of the platform and the ORockCloud infrastructure

Cloud-Like User Experience

The HPE Ezmeral Runtime includes an “App Store” with pre-configured Docker images for common Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools, big data frameworks, and applications. It provides an App Workbench that enables administrators to easily modify and update the pre-configured Docker images in their App Store (e.g., with a different version of the application or distribution) – or create new images for other applications and tools in about 15 minutes.

Each HPE Ezmeral Runtime customer has its own App Store populated for cloud-like self-service access to the applications and tools that their users need.

Solution Benefits

Enterprise Data Persistence for Containers

The HPE Data Fabric, formerly known as MapR, provides the pre-integrated fully managed, scale-out, edge-ready persistent storage.

Faster Time-to-Value

Provision development, test, or production environments in minutes as opposed to days. Onboard new data scientists with the preferred tools and languages without creating siloed development environments.

Improved Data Science Productivity

Data science teams spend their time building models and analyzing results rather than waiting for training jobs to complete. High performance and no loss of accuracy or performance in multitenant environments.

Reduced Risk

Enterprise-grade security and access control. Model governance, lineage tracking, and auditability reduce risk of exposure to regulatory non-compliance.

No Lock-in

Support a variety of open source tools and ISV software without the risk of getting locked-in to a cloud or on-prem vendor.

Flexibility and Elasticity

Deploy on-premises, cloud, or in a hybrid model with auto-scaling to suit the requirements of your workloads.

Accelerate Your Move to Containers

Utilize HPE Ezmeral Runtime in the Cloud.