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Our secure, performance driven AI Cloud accelerator for anyone seeking
faster time-to-insights and model outcomes

A high-performance deep learning platform

Modern organizations are adopting AI/ML solutions, but where to start? How do you harness massive amounts of diverse, unstructured and machine data to gain valuable business insights and protect it all in a secure cloud environment?

The ORock AI Cloud is a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution that gives your organization the ability to build, train and deploy deep learning models at both speed and scale. No need to wait weeks or even months to get to critical business insights.

Know Now — get all the knowledge of AI now, with the ORock AI Cloud.

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“What’s Holding You Back”

End-to-end AI/ML – infrastructure and models to fit your needs

ORock AI Cloud helps you to rapidly deploy models to accelerate AI workloads. We offer end-to-end AI/ML solutions that include infrastructure, networking, security, storage and AI/ML modeling tools, delivered in an affordable, secure AI Cloud.  These AI solutions are optimized across Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU or SambaNova RDU platforms — empowering you to deploy both turn-key, prebuilt models as well as custom-built models with total confidence through the guidance of our experienced data scientists and cloud engineers.


AI models that rapidly act on data insights at the speed of cloud

With ORock you can easily harness your AI/ML models  to deliver the insights critical to your business. You can now rapidly deploy AI services in weeks in a secure cloud environment across a variety of models including:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

High Resolution Computer Vision

Recommendation Models

Neural Networks and more

Performance when you need it

To be successful, an AI model needs to deliver an exceptional user experience. For example, an e-commerce shopper should be delivered with personalized, custom recommendations during  their shopping journey. 

Delivering this experience requires extreme high performance and ultra-low latency for AI inference.  To achieve this, we take advantage of the SambaNova deep learning recommender machine (DLRM), which provides a 20X improvement in throughput and latency when compared to Nvidia.

Let ORock work with you by mapping out your customer experience and defining a model that will exceed expectations. 

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When AI Performance Matters

Adhere to federal security and compliance standards

ORock’s FedRAMP-authorized cloud is secure and adheres to federal security and compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH for compute and storage needs across industries. The ORock AI Cloud is ideally suited for organizations that operate in highly regulated industries:

financial services


Energy, Oil & Gas

Media & Entertainment


Get a price-predictable Size-Right environment for your AI model

Big data powers AI/ML initiatives. Building an effective and efficient model while getting the data to where you need it is critical. With our Size-Right pricing approach, we take into account your needs and determine if a CPU, GPU or RDU based platform is right for your workload and then price the right solution in our AI Cloud.

We also know moving your data should not require exorbitant fees. ORock charges you nothing to access your own data and eliminates those hard-to-predict data ingress, egress and API call fees.  Built on an open source platform, you’re also not vendor locked-in and can power your mission-critical AI applications without purchasing, deploying or managing costly additional on-premises infrastructure.

Focus on business growth while ORock experts build your AI models and manage the cloud infrastructure

Whether you have a seasoned team of data science professionals or are just starting out, ORock’s team of data scientists and cloud engineers will support you at every step of your AI cloud journey so you benefit from the knowledge you need from AI now— all part of our Know Now AI Cloud approach.

We understand every critical stage of an AI project’s lifecycle, from analyzing your data, model selection and training, to deploying your models into production.  ORock’s expertise and AI partners will identify and resolve key roadblocks, such as critical skills gap and lack of expertise in computing architectures.  ORock AI Cloud will give you the security and cost predictability to help you innovate faster and achieve project success.

Data Analysis

  • Data Identification, Collection & Analysis
  • Scrub Data Through Preprocessing
  • Construct “ETL” Pipelines

Selecting Model Framework

  • Select the Machine Learning Algorithm Suitable to Your Project
  • Evaluate Data Within The Model

Build Model

  • Use ORock AI Cloud Instances for Compute, Storage & Network
  • Build Model using Jupyter Notebooks & ORock AI Cloud Libraries

Train Model

  • Select Compute Architecture, CPU, GPU or RDUs
  • Train Model on ORock Cloud AI
  • Evaluate and Test Model Results

Validate & Compile Model

  • Use Cross-Validation to Fine-Tune Models
  • Compile Model for Optimized Performance on ORock AI Cloud

Deploy Model

  • Leverage ORock AI Cloud for Production Deployment
  • Automate ML Model Deployment Process
  • Continuous Monitoring of Model Performance

Infographic: 6 Precision Process Steps

ORock AI Cloud Precision Process

Learn How the ORock AI Cloud Can Achieve your AI Goals