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Infrastructure services for hospitals and healthcare systems

An Opportune Time to Modernize your Cloud Infrastructure for a New Normal

We can all agree that 2020 was a brutal year for healthcare IT teams. Many of the nation’s hospitals and health systems were plagued with cyber threats and ransomware, stressing staffing, systems and revenue. Healthcare leaders tasked their IT teams to fortify their security perimeter as the global pandemic continued to test HR, patient management, and EMR systems.

As healthcare IT teams shift priorities and look for nimble, low-cost cloud solutions, many face cloud vendor lock-in, and albeit migrating to an open source cloud solution, have limited options to defend their IT systems and protect their sensitive data. On the other hand, those who have avoided cloud vendor lock-in have gained the lead to explore modern infrastructure for cloud computing, storage and containers such as Kubernetes systems.

The Race to Continuous HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Forced to reinvent their technology playbook, IT leaders are selectively modernizing their tech stacks and pointing their cloud-based compute, storage and container solutions to drive important healthcare goals that:

  • improve health outcomes
  • enhance the user experience
  • leverage the latest cloud-based technologies for faster diagnosis and treatment
  • build for greater scalability
  • ensure predictable costs
  • meet regulatory compliance, including PCI DSS and HIPAA

ORock Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The good news is that ORock Technologies makes it possible to deploy a customized and compliant cloud solution quickly and with relatively low cost.

ORock’s cloud computing, storage and containers solutions comply with critical healthcare standards such as HIPAA and HITECH. With ORock, healthcare systems and hospitals can share patient records with confidence, keep data safe and stay compliant.

ORock understands cost reduction is an important factor for healthcare systems. With ORock, hospital and healthcare systems can get real-time access to their sensitive data in the cloud and archived storage with predictable pricing, and have the ability to scale up or down as required. Avoiding downtime or disruption to data access can be a thing of the past.

ORock’s team of experts provide 24/7/365 customer service—from storage design, migration and rollout, to maintenance and day-to-day support. ORock complements your existing hyperscale cloud deployments while providing an alternative option for sensitive workloads that require superior security, performance, cost predictability and control.

This is the opportunity to accelerate your modernization agenda and push a cloud priority that can help position your organization to succeed when the downturn ends.

Solutions for Healthcare Customers

Cloud Compute

ORockCloud enables you to securely host applications and workloads in a vendor-agnostic, enterprise-grade open source environment while transitioning your IT costs from CapEx to OpEx. ORock manages the infrastructure layer so your IT team can focus on innovation, providing myriad options for compute, storage, networking, and Internet connectivity. ORock offers flexible, on-demand cloud resources (available in hourly increments) or lower-cost reserved hosting options. Unlike hyperscale CSPs, ORock provides a flat-rate, predictable billing model (with no additional charge for data ingress or egress) and works closely with each customer to determine the right options for your requirements.

Cloud Storage

ORock’s storage solutions provide organizations with simple, secure and predictable options delivered on an OpEx basis, with outstanding price and performance on both Object and Block storage. ORock meets your needs with secure, scalable solutions for small (gigabytes) to large (petabyte or exabyte) data sizes. ORock offers ORock’s Premium Block storage for workloads that demand performance and high-speed IOPS along with ORock’s Hot Object Storage for cost-saving uses, such as backup and recovery, data warehousing and active archiving.

Infrastructure Services for the Healthcare Industry

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