Deploy TensorFlow and PyTorch in a Simple, Automated Way

– Stephen Lucas, Vice President, Product Management –

When it comes to starting a data science project, many data scientists have to wait for their internal DevOp’s teams to configure and deploy resources for them to use popular data science AI and ML technologies. Waiting for your DevOps to provision infrastructure and getting approvals to use data can take days or weeks, causing serious delays in project time and resources.

What if there was a self-service application that allowed anyone on a data science team to spin up a TensorFlow, PyTorch or other leading AI project in minutes and self-provision resources in a simpler way?

ORock has unveiled an on-demand Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) solution exclusively in the ORock Cloud. This hardened, enterprise-grade version of HPE’s Ezmeral Container Platform allows data scientists to use AI and ML technologies such as TensorFlow and PyTorch with a few clicks. Data scientists, from entry-level engineers to senior Kubernetes administrators, can explore a suite of open-source tools and resources to data prep, model build and model train, all while reducing costs and improving productivity.

Ready, Set, Innovate!

This new DSaaS model is a simplified way to experiment with cutting-edge data science and data analytics capabilities in a true pay-as-you go consumption-based model. There’s no need for Ops to spin environments up or down—or to manage the underlying platform or infrastructure. Instead, data scientists can self-manage and self-provision resources in a repeatable manner and connect to data sources in the cloud, on-premises and at the edge.

Data scientists can access the self-service solution to choose templates, run jobs quickly and easily leverage the power of containers. With greater self-management of IT resources and data science tools, data scientists have more time to innovate rapidly to drive the business forward.

Accelerate Speed to Business Insights with DSaaS

Once you’re able to explore data science on the job, data scientists will be armed to generate breakthroughs and better predictive models, while driving real business impact.

  • Reduce time and inefficiencies. Do away with the long infrastructure provision times and the misallocation of resources like GPUs.
  • Drive up productivity with self-service. Entire IT teams can now choose their own tools, applications, and storage needs for the job.
  • Simplicity and speed to market. Simple, one click access for anyone to quickly get up and running on AI and ML technologies.
  • Democratize AI to transform your business. AI is important to every business and industry, from healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial services to technology. More AI-based systems can help people quickly diagnose diseases, discover drug treatments, speed up production processes, detect fraud, prevent security breaches, boost overall business performance and more.


Free Container Sandbox Offer for Qualified, Enterprise Accounts

Organizations can take advantage of this opportunity to test your workload application in ORock’s compute, storage and network cloud infrastructure by applying for the free container sandbox offer.



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