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U.S. Army’s Applied Cyber Technologies Wins 2021 David Packard Award for Acquisition Excellence

U.S. Army’s DRUID Leverages ORock Technologies for its CI/CD Pipeline

RESTON, Va., January 18, 2022 –  ORock® Technologies, Inc., a high-performance cloud service provider focused on innovative cloud and artificial intelligence solutions, today announced that Applied Cyber Technologies (ACT), part of the U.S. Army’s Defensive Cyber Operations Resource for Updates, Innovation and Development (DRUID), has won the Department of Defense’s (DOD) coveted 2021 David Packard Award for Acquisition Excellence.

“We’re delighted that the U.S. Army has been recognized with this prestigious award,” said Gregory Hrncir, Co-Founder, President and CEO, ORock Technologies. “In April of last year, ORock won phase two of the U.S. Army’s DRUID project. As the cloud technology platform behind the U.S. Army’s DRUID project, we are incredibly proud to support the U.S. Army’s defensive cyber operations and could not be more pleased to celebrate our customer’s achievement and hard work.”

ACT’s winning submission focused on its development of DRUID, the U.S. Army’s innovative, cloud-based continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. DRUID applies modern continuous integration processes to legacy systems and deployment models and leverages a DevSecOps workflow that prioritizes security at the outset of the development process.

ORock’s pioneering approach to development, security and operations methodologies has equipped the Army’s cyber warriors with a streamlined, virtual collaboration environment that accelerates vendor participation, significantly reduces time-to-prototype and eliminates up-front costs. Because of DRUID, the time it takes to develop and deliver advanced cyber technologies and the cost that the government pays for them are both greatly reduced. As a result, technology acquisition is vastly more efficient, while simultaneously arming the Army’s cyber force with critical tools. These key features, among others, enabled ACT to win the highly competitive award.

The David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award is one of several categories in the DOD’s annual Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards and was established to recognize DOD organizations whose contributions demonstrate exemplary innovation, reform and best acquisition practices. In 2020, ACT won the Public Sector 360 Government Innovation Award. This is the first time an office within the U.S. Army PEO EIS Defensive Cyber Operations has won the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award.

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