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ORock Technologies Becomes a Splunk Managed Service Provider

Splunk Customers Can Realize Higher Value & Hardened Security Protection with Their Workloads Hosted in the ORockCloud

RESTON, Va., June 15, 2021 –  ORock® Technologies, Inc., a high-performance hybrid cloud service provider built on OpenStack and certified by FedRAMP and the Department of Defense, today announced an alliance with Splunk Inc., provider of the Data-to-Everything™ Platform, that will empower organizations to gain real-time security, operational intelligence and cost management insights across their applications hosted in ORock’s open source cloud environment.

Splunk’s solutions help customers gain a comprehensive view across all data and systems to maximize operational effectiveness and efficiency. ORock offers a secure network architecture and open source cloud environment that enable organizations to capitalize on the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing, while protecting workloads from security threats. As more organizations move their mission-critical business services and infrastructure to the hybrid cloud, the combination of these technologies delivers ORockCloud Insights with Splunk, a powerful solution for organizations to manage their workloads and applications within the ORockCloud that integrates security at the hardware level.

ORock and Splunk are committed to driving greater insights and value for their joint customers. Organizations can take faster action with insights from heterogeneous data sources and access their mission-critical workloads without purchasing, deploying or managing additional on-premises infrastructure. Furthermore, the partnership provides Splunk users with a lower cost, price-predictable environment for hosting Splunk data based upon a zero ingress, egress and trans-region data transfer fee model.

Operating Splunk on the ORockCloud with Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel Processors solution will protect workloads in use by partitioning and isolating shared resources in a virtualized environment. Organizations will benefit from greater security with ORock’s adherence to federal security and compliance standards. In addition to a Splunk optimized infrastructure, pre-configured compute and storage environments, where customers provide Splunk licenses based on daily Splunk ingest, ORock will provide a managed Splunk environment to these customers for rapid deployment of Splunk in a government-grade secure cloud.

“By offering ORockCloud Insights with Splunk, we are simplifying the process for all customers to leverage the power of Splunk on ORock’s government-grade, secure cloud infrastructure,” said Gregory Hrncir, Co-Founder, CEO and President, ORock Technologies. “This new offering will help organizations derive insights from all of their data and systems and experience exceptional security, performance and reliability in the cloud. We are delighted about this alliance and look forward to continued growth and success with Splunk.”

Learn more about ORockCloud Insights with Splunk today.

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ORock Technologies delivers hybrid cloud and IaaS solutions designed for secure, compliant data operations. ORock helps leading organizations protect their most sensitive data, control costs and minimize vendor lock-in while enabling a range of IT modernization, application hosting, migration and edge computing initiatives. ORock’s private fiber optic backbone network and enterprise-grade open source cloud feature the latest HPE Gen10 secure hardware and a flat-rate OPEX billing model with no data egress fees. These solutions support hybrid, private and multi-cloud capabilities while providing superior security, performance, predictability and control. Learn more about ORock.


Claudia Cahill
Director of Marketing Communications