ORock Technologies Earns Certification as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cloud Bank Storage Partner

HPE storage customers can now securely back up and retrieve data without tolling cloud egress fees

RESTON, Va., September 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ORock® Technologies, Inc., a hybrid cloud service provider, today announced it has been approved as a certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Cloud Bank Storage partner, offering HPE server customers a more flexible, secure, and cost-effective way to protect data in the cloud.

The cloud can deliver advantages such as process automation, rapid data backup, and easy retrieval for organizations seeking to enhance storage optimization and disaster recovery practices. Along these lines of improvement, a 3-2-1 backup approach calls for the creation of a third copy of data, keeping the data on two types of storage media, and storing at least one of these copies offsite (often in the cloud). Most major cloud platform providers, however, pose risks such as the use of unknown or untrusted server brands, a lack of data visibility, and having to pay money to retrieve your own data (i.e., cloud egress fees).

The ORock object storage offering dispels these negative cloud associations by delivering its cloud backup on HPE Gen10 hardware, with HPE’s built-in Silicon Root of Trust which layers security control from the endpoint device to the cloud and back. HPE Cloud Bank Storage and ORockCloud facilitate this secure cloud backup without requiring separate gateway appliances, servers, and capital investments. The joint solution is also flexible and comes with S3 (simple secure storage) APIs, which allow the user organization to orchestrate and schedule backup to public cloud entities such as ORock.

“We are happy to be part of the HPE Cloud Bank Storage solution,” said John Leon, co-founder, president, and CTO at ORock Technologies. “Our simple, secure cloud storage offering is built on integrated ORock and HPE server and storage that provides customers with greater agility, scalability, and reduced overall hybrid cloud security and data management costs.”

For HPE, ORockCloud presents an additional compelling differentiator over other equipment vendors, as HPE StoreOnce appliances can now provide customers with the flexibility to backup and connect to a government-grade security cloud without any additional cost.

“We’ve made it easy for HPE StoreOnce customers to point to a cloud as part of a 3-2-1 data protection strategy,” said Ashish Prakash, VP and GM, Cloud Data Services, HPE Storage. “ORock brings government-grade security for a third tier of storage geared toward providing cooler archive data using HPE Cloud Bank Storage.”

About ORock Technologies

ORock Technologies delivers hybrid cloud and IaaS solutions designed for secure, compliant data operations. ORock helps commercial organizations and government agencies to protect their most sensitive data, control costs, and minimize vendor lock-in while enabling a range of IT modernization, application hosting, migration, and edge computing initiatives. ORock’s private fiber optic backbone network and enterprise-grade open source cloud feature the latest HPE Gen10 secure hardware and a flat-rate OPEX billing model with no data egress fees. These solutions support hybrid, private, and multicloud capabilities while providing superior security, performance, predictability, and control.

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Dean Lombardo
Content Manager
ORock Technologies, Inc.