ORock Technologies Named to Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program

Cloud Platform Provider for Security-Sensitive Environments Now Approved to Offer Red Hat Solutions

RESTON, Va., Sept 28, 2017/ -– Reston, VA – ORock Technologies, Inc. (ORock) announced today that it has achieved designation as a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider. The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program allows cloud, hosting, system integrator, and managed service providers to host and resell certified Red Hat offerings on-demand. ORock is approved and certified to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In designating the company as a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider, Red Hat certifies that ORock is a trusted destination for enterprise IT customers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and partners to access and consume Red Hat solutions. Red Hat awards the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider designation after validation by Red Hat product experts that ORock satisfies its certification requirements for the delivery of a scalable and more secure cloud environment based upon Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The collaboration with Red Hat allows ORock to offer enterprise-grade cloud and managed services to customers requiring more secure cloud environments, including organizations such as the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and companies in highly-regulated commercial markets such as financial services and healthcare.

Built on Red Hat’s open source cloud solutions, and leveraging state-of-the-art cloud security technologies, ORock delivers an agile, flexible and more secure cloud platform built to support the most demanding customer-specific requirements. ORock‘s open source cloud architecture is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which incorporates Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), giving customers the ability to control and operate their own cloud infrastructure within ORock’s Private Autonomous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering known as “Autonomous Cloud.” ORock’s solution also includes Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat Satellite, and Red Hat Storage. ORock plans to provide a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) layer through its implementation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

“ORock’s cloud platform was architected with security-sensitive environments in mind and built utilizing Red Hat’s open source software stack with a focus on data security, while simultaneously maintaining our customer’s data compliance requirements of today and for more secure IoT and big data processing of tomorrow,” said John Leon, co-founder, president and CTO of ORock. Leon added, “The ORock platform and network infrastructure specifically addressed our clients’ needs to improve the security lifecycle of data in flight and data at rest. ORock is now offering products and solutions in collaboration with Red Hat to bring organizations higher levels of security, trust, and integrity.”

“We are excited to work with ORock as a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider and part of the Red Hat partner ecosystem,” said Mike Ferris, vice president, Business Development, Red Hat. “We are committed to offering customers and developers broad choice in the cloud, and key to that vision is building a strong ecosystem of partners that can enable users to build and deploy the best applications possible. We look forward to continued collaboration with ORock as they grow their cloud offerings with Red Hat.”

About ORock Technologies

ORock Technologies, Inc. (ORock) offers a complete, secure cloud environment that is specifically designed and built to address the unique security requirements of federal civilian agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), the intelligence community, and highly-regulated commercial industries. ORock’ s carrier-grade infrastructure is engineered at every level from the core network backbone to the customer’s circuit to the end user, including continuity of operations and disaster recovery. ORock owns and controls its infrastructure from end-to-end without utilization of an upstream cloud service provider. All hardware and network components are qualified and maintained by ORock to provide industry-leading SLA-Backer levels of performance, reliability, and security. Maintaining complete control of the infrastructure also allows ORock to offer customers maximum flexibility and customization for utilizing Autonomous Cloud and simultaneously supporting traditional cloud architectures.

For more information, please visit or call us at (571)386-0201.

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