Case Study

A Smart Technology Approach to Venue Security

The Challenge

Twenty years ago, the only data being collected at most pro football games centered around the stadium’s main scoreboard and a few dozen cash registers tallying hot dog, soda and ice cream sales. Fast-forward a generation and the data collection game has evolved by orders of magnitude. Expect that trend to continue for years to come.

In our post-COVID world, large events are reopening, and thousands of entertainment-starved fans are flocking back to stadiums, concerts, sporting events and hotels. As a result, stadium owners, for example will require more video security to monitor guest safety and follow visitors from their parked cars into events, making purchases at snack stands, visiting a bathroom and finding their seats.

Large-scale event organizers are exploring secure, compliant cloud storage as a way to reduce the burden of expensive surveillance video storage costs that come with the public cloud. But there’s more. These venues have realized that there’s more to surveillance technology than meets the eye. While fans use the free WiFi to purchase anything from a pair of shoes to their next car on their mobile devices, this kind of consumer intelligence can be captured to target prospective buyers with relevant ads.

The Solution

Wireless Guardian offers a first AI-of-its-kind, modern surveillance architecture that passively scans crowds and individuals, up to 45 people per second, with a proven 99% accuracy in masked/non-masked subjects. This customizable AI system can scale to meet varying event, transportation environments, multi-property and mobile applications and integrates with existing camera, data and security infrastructure.

Wireless Guardian relies on ORock Technologies, a high-performance cloud service provider, to offer the cloud object storage component of this modern security, cloud-based solution. ORock offers predictable pricing, easy access to video files, regulatory compliance and high performance, meeting all cloud requirements.

ORock slashes storage cost by offering predictable pricing. It also reduces complexity; data stored in the ORock Cloud means there’s no need for a Wireless Guardian customer to build and maintain a cloud infrastructure for data storage and access. IT teams can replicate videos to the cloud for backup and law enforcement can access it for investigative analysis.

The Results

Stadiums, concerts organizations, big sports events and other large-scale public venues can now embrace this cloud model for consumer data collection and video surveillance, solving the problem of storing increasing amounts of video footage in the most cost-effective way. Wireless Guardian has made it easy to collect third-party data at large-scale venues, migrate it to a secure, compliant cloud and then sell consumer data to brands and companies to cover the costs of their security and cloud technology investment. The results are unbeatable: cost predictability, a compliant FedRAMP-authorized cloud and a proven AI video surveillance system that integrates with existing security infrastructure. IT leaders also know their solution checks the security and compliance box.

We deal with a lot of our clients’ mission critical data. This ranges from employee information, customer information, point of sale information, security information, advertising information and law-enforcement integration. When the stakes are this high, we choose to work with ORock because they meet the highest standards of cloud security and regulatory compliance in the market.

Jason Dumas

CEO, Wireless Guardian

About Wireless Guardian

Wireless Guardian is the world’s first forward-facing human threat detection system and the most effective investigative security solution for today’s high-tech environment. Providing protection to patrons and facilities, Wireless Guardian tracks security threats up to a mile outside the facility’s perimeter.

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