Case Study

Q Capital Strategies Ensures Business Continuity with ORock Serving Clients Remotely

The Challenge

Q Capital Strategies is a full-service life settlement provider, offering a variety of services for investors in life insurance policies. The company’s mission is to help policy owners better identify the value of their life insurance policies and provide life settlement expertise to create new financial opportunities for individuals and businesses. Q Capital currently services approximately 600 policies with a face value of more than $1 billion.

Q Capital needed a better way to securely manage and access its sensitive client data, such as medical records, insurance policies and personal identifiable data, in the cloud. Previously, Q Capital worked with a cloud service provider that was unable to satisfy their technical requirements for elasticity, performance and control. In addition, Q Capital’s employees struggled to resolve customer service issues, the system experienced performance issues and downtime, and technical questions often went unanswered. From a business perspective, Q Capital wanted its clients and authorized personnel to access their cloud data securely and extract insights from it to build stronger relationships with their clients.

The Solution

After careful evaluation of the cloud service providers in the market, Q Capital moved to ORockCloud for an easier, highly secure, and service-oriented solution. Q Capital chose ORockCloud for its advanced cloud environment architected specifically for secure data operations, white-glove service and predictable pricing model with zero egress fees.

With the work-from-home shift during the Covid-19 crisis, ORock worked closely with Q Capital to control data access for Q Capital’s remote employee base. Similar to supporting a VPN-like extension via the cloud, this scenario enabled Q Capital’s 30-plus employees to seamlessly access its sensitive data and perform their daily work from their work-from-home environments.

Q Capital is able to benefit from ORockCloud’s government-grade security on the extended core network and host its website and customer portal interface. As a result, Q Capital’s customers can efficiently access their data, perform a wide range of pricing and report analyses, and stay focused on building their clients for success.

The ORock solution powers a FedRAMP moderate impact level environment with 325 security controls that meets Q Capital’s stringent security requirements for hosting sensitive health and transaction processing information in the cloud. Q Capital welcomed ORock’s white-glove customer service delivered throughout the smooth cloud migration period while gaining visibility into future spend with zero charges for data egress.

The Results

  • Better customer service with more responsiveness in architecting and deploying their cloud environment
  • Greater security and visibility into cyber threats
  • Seamless system performance with geographic resiliency
  • Support for employees working remotely, seamlessly and securely in the cloud
  • Predictable, cost-effective solution with zero egress fees and unlimited access to tier data

We chose ORock because we trust the security and compliance features, their responsiveness to our business challenges, and their world-class expertise. We’ve a got a service-first partner that puts our business first. With ORockCloud as the backbone to our cloud infrastructure, we now have the peace of mind to focus on our mission and assist our clients in making informed financial decisions regarding life insurance.

Steven Shapiro

President & CEO, Q Capital Strategies

About Q Capital

Q Capital is a full-service life settlement provider and is currently licensed in 32 states and purchasing policies in 39 states and the District of Columbia. The company specializes in both life settlement policy origination, servicing, and asset management. Q Capital’s turnkey servicing operation provides a full suite of services for maintaining policies throughout the ownership of the asset. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Boca Raton, FL and San Diego, CA.

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