FedRAMP This Year: How To Get There

A fast, cost-effective route to FedRAMP SaaS authorization

This Quick 12-Minute Webinar Will Teach You: 

  • What FedRAMP authorization is
  • Why ISVs need FedRAMP authorization to sell applications to government agencies
  • 3 popular misconceptions about FedRAMP
  • 8 required actions to get FedRAMP authorized
  • How ORock’s FAAS program can get your applications FedRAMP authorized in 6 months or less


Why Watch This Webinar?

FedRAMP authorization is quickly becoming a requirement to compete and win in an enormous public sector IT market that is increasingly purchasing IT as a service. Software providers that do not achieve FedRAMP authorization for their products will see a steady erosion of revenue and loss of public sector market share as competitors introduce FedRAMP-authorized SaaS offerings.

However, many software vendors have learned that the process of gaining FedRAMP authorization can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. ORock’s Federal Application Authorization Services (FAAS) program can streamline this process, getting your applications authorized and ready to sell faster and at a much lower cost than pursuing authorization on your own.

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Watch the 12 Minute Webinar