Secure Connectivity and Mobility

Access your data and applications from anywhere without compromising security

Public sector and commercial organizations are migrating more data and applications off premise to consolidate data centers, control cost, and capitalize on the benefits of hybrid cloud.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that support remote access has left many organizations searching for solutions to enable connectivity while maintaining security, compliance, and control over their data and applications.

In addition, given the massive amount of data today’s enterprises create, simply processing and storing it is difficult enough. Add to that the complexity of accessing legacy data that may exist in a variety of formats at multiple locations, and you have a labor-intensive and costly barrier to achieving your goals of being able to look deeper into your data to uncover the hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other useful information.

The ORock Technologies Difference

Built from the ground up with security and performance in mind, ORock’s cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions are supported by a unique set of connectivity and mobility solutions. These offerings and interfaces deliver secure, fast, and reliable access to data, applications, and workloads no matter where they’re located to enable:

  • Remote access for mobile workers on iOS, Android, and HTML devices
  • Hybrid cloud deployment models
  • Big data analytics capabilities
  • Connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices



Learn how solutions from ORock Technologies can securely connect the data and applications in your cloud to your remote workforce and on-premise data center.


ORock VirtualClouds

Gain control over your BYOD programs and minimize security threats related to your mobile workforce. ORock VirtualClouds provides a secure interface and encrypted, high-speed connection that enables remote users to access data and applications within your cloud or IaaS environment. The VirtualClouds app supports any device running an iOS or Android operating system or using an HTML5 web browser. Data is hosted, processed and stored in the cloud and never resides on the user’s device, providing rapid, reliable access with unmatched security and control.

ORock SecureConnect

ORock SecureConnect is an encrypted Layer 2 private telco circuit that connects your on-premise data center to your ORock Private Autonomous Cloud or Private Autonomous Infrastructure. It enables secure, seamless data integration, processing, storage, and analytics with no requirement to physically integrate or move the data.

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