Private Autonomous Infrastructure as a Service

A true private cloud that provides IaaS for server hosting,

storage, virtual machines and connection circuits.

PAI is ORock Technologies’ premier cloud service offering that gives our customers a combination of security, performance and control in the cloud that is unavailable from other cloud service providers (CSP) regardless of their size.  Unlike other CSP’s whose “private cloud” products consist of dedicated servers that share common switches and circuits, PAI truly is your cloud. It is a private and autonomous infrastructure with server hosting, storage, virtual machines and connection circuits that are wholly dedicated to and controlled by you.

PAI gives you all of the benefits of going to the cloud – on demand resource expansion/contraction, broad network access, resiliency, and usage based billing – without losing control of where and how your data is used and stored. PAI becomes a cloud based extension of your network, completely under your control to use and provision as needed.

PAI Features & Capabilities

Take Ownership

Maintain full data ownership and access.

Have Control

Maintain control of your own network IP space including ownership of the autonomous system number (ASN) that uniquely identifies your network on the Internet.

Guaranteed Uptime

99.999% uptime guarantee available with multi-node installation.

Backup & Recover

“Active-Active” backup and recovery service.

Management Tools

Ability to use a common IT management framework for both on premise data center resources and cloud resources.


Real-time monitoring of event and access logs.


Implement your own security policies, interfaces and access control.

Virtual Machines

Hypervisor agnostic virtual machine instantiations.

Cost Control

Ability to initiate cost control measures such as setting resource quotas or establishing leases to limit the amount of time resources are provisioned.


Follow the exact same processes and procedures for managing your cloud resources that you already use to manage on premise data center resources.

Power and Control: Total Integration Management Interface


All of the power of your PAI cloud is useless if you can’t manage it, so to enable the most control and visibility into your cloud, every PAI product includes ORock’s Total Integration Management Interface (TIMI™). TIMI is a powerful web-based management portal that provides you with a self-service tool that gives you the capability to configure and deploy computing infrastructure from your pool of computing, storage, and network resources. You can use TIMI for account management and real time user status reports, configuring computing assets, modifying network settings, adjusting security parameters, changing application operating requirements, allocation and reallocation of system resources, deployment or removal of application components, configuration management, topology management, security management, and VM activation and deactivation.

Real-Time Visibility

You also get real-time visibility about the overall health of their PAI cloud including status of measured/metered (usage-based) services, access to log events that detail resource provisioning and de-provisioning, VM start and stop counts, and account changes and can even set and enforce quotas and lease times for resources.

TIMI is open source based and comes with integration API’s so that both cloud virtual resources and your on premise data center’s virtual resources can have interoperable monitoring and control capabilities without concern for where the data resides in the enterprise. Our portal’s API also allows for visual indication of which resources are in the cloud and which are premises resources as well as the ability to integrate with customer’s data center management platform.

The Air-Gapped System

PAI is an “air-gapped” system where there is physical segregation of all components with each PAI customer’s equipment residing in its own locked rack within our datacenters, there is no physical infrastructure shared by two or more customers. This allows for complete control by the customer of how resources are used and creates a secure perimeter around their infrastructure to enhance security throughout. Our datacenters are manned 24x7 with technicians providing customer service to our customers via phone, email, chat and through our access portal. Physical access to the datacenters themselves and to the equipment contained within is strictly controlled and limited to the network operations technicians and customer authorized personnel only. As required, the customer has full access to the data center facilities, installations, technical capabilities, operations, documentation, records, and databases as needed. Our datacenters are ITAR compliant and all cloud data, whether at rest, in transit, or in archive are all encrypted and located within the U.S. This architecture allows for easy eDiscovery of identification, collection, processing, forensic analysis, auditing, and production of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) as required by the customer.

This level of control of every component within the customer’s private PAI cloud enables us to augment the already virtualized customer premise resources with dynamically expandable and contractible virtualized cloud-based resources. With PAI we also have the ability to pre-provision in the data centers “bare metal” physical servers that are available on a dynamic basis in two hours or less. This capability can be used for large-scale databases that require more storage capacity, to support specialized network equipment that may not be available in the cloud, to support software that cannot be licensed on virtualized servers, for legacy equipment that cannot be virtualized, or for those customers that plan to gradually migrate data into the PAI cloud.