Big Data Analytics & CANOPe

Connect securely to and analyze your data, regardless

of where it resides.

Given the massive amount of data today’s businesses create, simply processing and storing it is difficult enough. Add to that the complexity of accessing legacy data that may exist in a variety of formats at multiple locations, and you have a labor-intensive and costly barrier to achieving your goals of being able to look deeper into your data to uncover the hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. To assist our customers with this daunting challenge, ORock Technologies developed our CANOPe architecture. CANOPe gives you the ability to integrate ALL of your data; whether it is on premise, in a remote location, or even stored in another cloud service provider and then to perform big data analytics with minimal effect on operating applications.


CANOPe works by combining our highly secure Private Autonomous Infrastructure as a Service (PAI) cloud service offering with a robust analytic and connection solution that uses industry leading applications from of our valued partner, Information Builders, to create one of the most powerful big data platforms available. CANOPe has the ability to connect securely to and analyze your data regardless of where it resides, even if it is in another cloud.  With CANOPe, there is no “heavy lifting,” no need to transfer massive amounts of data, you can leave the data where it is and access it securely and seamlessly via our cloud-based applications.

CANOPe also gives you the ability to connect your legacy systems to the cloud in a secure, scalable and flexible way with an open architecture for customers to develop within. Using our datacenter consolidation tool, clients can integrate big data analytics into the cloud, consolidating and transferring data center operations as needed.

Customers can deploy, run, and scale their applications in an environment that is fully managed and incorporates the following customizable “InfoApps:”


Dashboards & Scorecards


Predictive Analytics


Interactive Visualizations


Search & Social Intelligence


Guided Self-Service


Mobile Apps