Streamline FedRAMP Authorization

Accelerate your journey to FedRAMP compliance. Watch this video to learn more.

Save Time and Money on FedRAMP Authorization

Simplify and shorten the FedRAMP authorization process with OnRAMP, a comprehensive program from immixGroup and ORock Technologies.

Built for Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators that sell applications to Federal government agencies, OnRAMP helps you:

  • Get listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace faster
  • Spend less on the authorization process
  • Achieve full compliance while reducing complexity and risk
  • Gain a competitive market advantage
  • Meet customer demand for compliant SaaS applications

When you’re ready to discuss how OnRAMP can save you time and money on FedRAMP authorization, ask your immixGroup Supplier Manager or contact David Kamachaitis at ORock Technologies at (240) 731-4460.

Download the OnRAMP Overview!